About Reasonpedia

Reasonpedia is an experiment to see if we can reduce polarity and make better decisions together by having a way of measuring the impact of all the pros and cons from both sides of an argument. It will probably only be useful in specific types of arguments but it might just help.

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The People Behind Reasonpedia


Bentley Davis

Bentley builds interactive websites, mobile apps, and automates boring work. He also mentors businesses in the effective use of technology. He has been creating software for over 30 years, managing teams for over 20 years, and mentoring startups for over 5 years. He was chief technology officer of a startup that had a successful exit.

In 2011 Bentley saw two friends break up over a controversial issue. He tried to research the issue before he had dinner with each of them but could not find resources that organized all the opinions in an effective and usable way. He decided to build it.

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